Frequently Asked Questions

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What is myGPhC?

myGPhC is a password-protected, self-service website for registrants of the General Pharmaceutical Council. You can use myGPhC to renew your registration, update your personal details and view or download receipts.

Where can I get support to use this site?

Please contact the GPhC Customer Contact Centre if you have any issues or would like help. You can phone 020 3713 8000 or email

What web browsers will this site work with?

For your security and to get the best from the site, we encourage you to keep your web browser updated to the latest version. We have tested the site with all recent versions of the most popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 9 onwards), Safari and Google Chrome. We offer support to users of all these browsers.

We don't support mobile devices including ones using iOS (Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone), Windows Phone, and Android.

Signing in and using your password

How do I sign in?

Go to our sign-in page at There are two ways you can sign in to myGPhC. You can use your GPhC registration number and your myGPhC password, or your GPhC registration number and the renewal number you get with your renewal notice.

Do I need to set up a password?

Your new registration number and renewal number will allow you to access myGPhC, and you can continue to sign in using the renewal number printed in your renewal notice each year. However, we suggest you set up a confidential password for future use.

How can I set up a new password?

Step 1: Sign in to myGPhC using your registration number and renewal number. These numbers are on your renewal notice in the section 'Renewing your registration as a pharmacist/pharmacy technician'.

Step 2: On the Welcome page there is a tab headed 'Registration'. Under that tab click on the 'Create password' button which will take you to a page headed 'Create or change password'.

Step 3: Following the instructions about the correct makeup of the password, enter your new password in the 'New password' box, and then confirm this by repeating the password in the 'Confirm password' box. Click on the 'Submit' button. If your new password has been accepted a message will appear saying you have successfully created your password.

Step 4: If you need to renew your registration, continue to Registration renewal

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can use your renewal notice number instead of a password to sign in, and then create a new password.

See How can I set up a new password?

You can also click on the Forgotten your password? link on the myGPhC Sign-in page to reset your password, using other details we hold about you.

I am told that my password is incorrect and I cannot sign in.

If you have set up a password and have forgotten it you can use your renewal notice number instead of a password to sign in.

See How can I set up a new password?

You can also click on the Forgotten your password? link on the myGPhC Sign-in page to reset your password, using other details we hold about you.


How do I renew?

The following link to the GPhC website provides detailed instructions on how to renew your registration:

How do I get a receipt for my renewal fee payment?

Select the 'Receipts' option from the Renewal tab to visit the Receipts page and download or view your receipts.

Payment method When the receipt is available
Online 48 hours after payment
Direct Debit Within 21 days after payment

If you are paying by quarterly Direct Debit, each time a payment is taken the amount paid and amount still owing will be updated on your receipt.

How can I pay my renewal fee online?

You can pay your renewal fees by logging on to your myGPhC account using your registration number and renewal number or password. Once logged in, select the ‘My Registration’ section of the website and following the instructions found there. You will be guided through the declaration and payment process. You can also visit the renewals webpage for information on the registration renewal process.

When can I pay my renewal fee online?

Your renewal notice will be posted to you, which details when your renewal fee is due. However, if you do not have a direct debit set up, the date of renewal deadline will remain the same each year, as will your expiry date and therefore, you will be able to renew at the same date every year. We encourage registrants to make a note of their renewal and expiry dates as a personal reminder to remember to renew in time each year. If you have not received your renewal notice and would like to know your renewal number, you may wish to contact our Customer Contact Centre on 020 3713 8000 or by email at

What is the extra password step I encountered when making my online payment?

When you are making your card payment, you may be asked to verify your transaction by entering a password (and possibly also set up one) before you can complete the payment process. This is a security mechanism called 3D Secure, by the card-issuing banks to reduce the risk of fraudulent card use. 3D Secure webpage is owned by the card-issuing bank where a password known only by you must be entered.

Each issuing bank has its own name for their particular implementation of 3-D Secure. Some of the most common are listed in the table below.

Card issuer 3-D Secure version name

Verified by Visa

MasterCard MasterCard SecureCode
JCB International J/Secure

Why can't I use my web browser's Back button or History feature when I am paying my renewal fee?

The multiple steps that make up the combined declaration and renewal fee payment process must be completed in strict order. Using the web browser’s “Back” or “History” functionality can be detrimental to the validity of this process.

Therefore steps have been taken to avoid the process from being invalidated by such actions. If, during the process, “Back” or ”History” functionality is used, you will be redirected to the start of the whole process, where you will need to begin again.

Each step of the overall process must be completed satisfactorily, or the process is abandoned.

How do I set up a yearly or quarterly Direct Debit?

Important information on renewal fee payment methods, including how to set up a direct debit, can be found here.

To amend your direct debit to either a quarterly or annual payment you will need to send an email to Please state your full name, registration number and Date of Birth within the email too.

If you would like to change your bank details for which the direct debit is set up with, you will be required to set up a new direct debit and complete another direct debit mandate form.

To cancel a direct debit you will need to cancel it directly with your bank or building society.

If you have a quarterly Direct Debit set up and you have any outstanding payments within your registration year, please contact before notifying your bank so that we can take any outstanding payments.

Any changes to your direct debit set up will need to be made before the date outlined in your renewal notice.